Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to questions we are asked all the time.  Email us at or click "Let's Chat" with any questions you may have about kids shoes, foot issues, suggested brands or just to say hello.

Q:  How often should my kids get new shoes?

A: Kids feet will grow very fast.  We recommend shoes be checked every 3-6 months depending on child’s age for proper fit. 


Q: Can we just hand these shoes down to little brother/sister?

A: It is not recommended to hand down to friends/siblings even when shoe appears to be in great conditions. The number one reason is each foot is different. The second child wearing the shoes natural gate & foot shape can be altered due to the first wearer's foot. Second, all shoe materials breakdown over time. While a shoe may look good, they could unknowingly cause injury to second user.


Q:  Why is it important to get sized and proper fitting shoes when they outgrow them so fast?

A: Shoes that fit correctly are important to foot development and health. As a child grows the foot can easily be manipulated by shoes causing lasting effects or even permanent damage. A shoe that is fit specifically for that child’s foot and needs can help keep feet happy and healthy as they grow.


Q: Do you offer Military Discount?

A: Yes, we offer a discount to all First Responders & Military. Just mention it next time you are in the shop, so we may recognize your hard work and dedication to our community.


Q: Can I return shoes purchased online?

A: Yes, you may return shoes purchased online. However, Clearance items purchased online may only be returned for In-Store Credit Only. Please see our full Refund Policy at bottom of page for more details.


Q:  If you do not have my size in stock can you order it?

A: Yes we can, as long as the manufacture still has stock too. Special orders of non-stocked items always need to be discussed with our owner. All special orders must be done in store.


Q:  Do you match competitor’s coupons or pricing?

A: Yes, from the manufactures own website or in-store specials to major internet sellers we are happy to match prices.  Just ask.


Q:  Do you carry wides and extra wides?

A: Yes we do.  But keep in mind all brands fit different; you may be wide in one brand, but not another.


Q:  My baby is asleep in the car, can you measure her?

A: Yes we can.  We measure sleeping kids in cars all the time.


Q:  Do you carry narrow shoes?

A: Yes we do. We carry several brands that run narrow.