Age and Shoe Size Chart

We are so excited you found Walking Tots' Age & Shoe Size Chart! 

To get the most accurate measurement of your kids’ feet and to be properly fit, your best option is to visit our store. We measure each child every time they visit our store with the Brannock Device. Our associates have been trained to measure children’s feet accurately, even if they squirm or lose focus. They have been trained to look at not just the length measured, but how your child's foot is shaped to recommend the right shoe for their foot.


Age and Size Chart

If it is not possible to visit our store, use Age and Size Chart for general reference to make it easier to purchase on our website. Age vs Size is a general average of American children, but keep in mind every child grows at a different rate.  Since every shoe fits differently, you can message us or call us if you have questions about a specific brand/style/shoe, so we may assist you with purchasing correct size online.

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